helping the hospitality industry prosper.

What is Prospertality?

Prospertality is the place to buy or sell a hospitality business.

Whether you want to sell your cafe, restaurant, bar, bakery, roastery, pub or club - as licensed business brokers, Prospertality can help you prepare your hospitality business for market, price your business, negotiate deals, qualify buyers, assist with financing and more.

Who is Nick?

Nick loves a good coffee. His highly successful company, Cafe Bookkeepers - offers bookkeeping for the hospitality industry, Australia wide.

Laser like focus on hospitality has allowed Nick to gain an exceptional pool of knowledge and insight into the industry.

Nick's calm, upfront approach has also won him the trust and business of some of the countries finest caffeine dealers. 

Nick has been helping his Clients start and grow businesses for a number of years. Now, through Prospertality, Nick has expanded his range of services to help business owners find the right exit strategy. Nick knows what it takes to champion a client’s needs.

Contact Nick here.

Why should I use Prospertality?

Focusing on hospitality means we can spend less time understanding different industries and more time focusing on your business. Our goal is to be thorough, to be calm and to educate. 

Being thorough starts from our first listing meeting, in which we will step through our new listing template which has over 100 key questions specific to the hospitality industry. Together we will review your goals,  discuss the process openly and plan a course of action tailored to your business.

If you are thinking of listing with Prospertality and would like more information about how we are different, please click here and contact us for an information pack.